Friday, September 30, 2016

Nice going cray cray.

Vet visit for this little PITA today. After getting home from her BH test Saturday she hurt herself and started limping on one of her back paws. We didn't think too much of it, little Miss Cray Cray hurts herself fairly often, but after a day or two she is usually good as new. Sunday the paw was swollen and she still wouldn't put any weight on it. We gave her until Wednesday to get better on her own, but when there was really no change for the better we made an appointment. The vet got us in today.


Seems she broke a toe. Nothing really to do besides trying to keep her semi quiet for the next 3-4 weeks...HA! The vet did do our OFA paperwork to get her dentition and heart health testing certificates, so that was nice.
She turns 2 on October we will be doing her hips and elbows testing then.

Grandma came over to kick start Costume creations 2016.
Teen Titans here we come!

One little 8 year old girl is ready for deodorant. My babies are growing up too fast.
The choosing process was funny, it took a while and involved a lot of sniff the whole family LOL.
We went with an aluminum free TOM' a Fresh Apricot scent.
Kid tested, Mom approved Hahaha.

Beautiful sunset tonight.

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