Monday, September 5, 2016

No Fairy money for you.

This was Jericho's face yesterday morning. The night before he started complaining about a toothache, sure enough he has a giant ugly cavity. We have been on his ass about doing a good job brushing, not faking it or doing it half assed...well I'm guessing this will be a painful lesson. You can see one side of his face is swollen, he has been living on children's Tylenol and Advil waiting for an emergency dentist visit, which was yesterday. Not only does he have a big ugly cavity but it is now also infected. So bad in fact that he needs to go on penicillin for a few days before they can even address it. Yup, one little dude is learning a hard lesson. Lucky for him the pen usually works pretty quickly, after just a day and a half he is already feeling and looking a bit better. I'm not looking forward to Wednesday's dentist appointment.

We hung out over at Grandma's today, a little Labor Day family fun. My kids are getting so tall, Xan, his Great Grandpa Frank and Great Uncle Steve.

Kid BINGO center...this was a hit.

I didn't bring my camera today...gasp, I know. So just a few phone pics was all I got.

Hahaha Jason...sorry about the filter dude.

Jericho still swollen...but not in as much pain. Poor kid.

Time to start my annual "let's drop 10 lbs so I can look decent in my Halloween costume" diet. Why can't the kids ever pick a theme where I get to wear a big potato sack or something? LOL Rose I come.

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