Monday, September 26, 2016

This years breeders, next years dinner.

President Business is looking good, he has been a good boar for us this first year. His two litters were very uniform and had a good number of nice breeder worthy piglets. We are going to keep him 1 more year before we really start to contemplate making him dinner.
Such a hunk.

He has to be pushing 200-250 lbs I think.
Just chilling with the hogs.

He is a pretty mellow guy.
I have big hands...his legs are a very full thick handful.

Uni Piggie is gaining weight and condition back. Both girls still have 1 daughter on them, I was kind of hoping it would keep them from coming back into heat until at least December. I really don't want winter litters...early spring should be doable, but winter would be cold and snowy.
Little Miss Queen Bee there with her.
Wild Style has regained her condition and is looking great. She blew all her hair this summer, so she has that to grow back. We will be processing her after her next litter. She is a gorgeous sow, but with so many inverted nipples she is not an efficient brooder. We kept her daughter, Chic, hopefully she doesn't have the same teat problem.
Going to be sad to see her go.
Uni Piggie is a big sweetie...just love her nature.

I had planned to hang on to Honcho as a future breeder...but have decided to put him up for sale. If he doesn't sell I won't be heartbroken, but someone could get their hands on a nice little boar prospect. He is a little hunk just like his Dad!
Tank and Boss Man are both sold and gone now, so Honcho is my only boarling left. We still have 3 meat piglets...but Jason may be butchering one for a get together with friends in a couple weeks.

Queen Bee is growing nicely...she is looking so much like her momma, only improved thanks for Business.

That is Raven on the left with Queenie. Raven is starting to look better...I still don't love her super long nose and weaker looking trotters...but Business should be able to fix those things in their babies.
Wild Style's gilt, Chic, is thankfully taking after her mom too. I will feel so much better processing Wild Style if I have her mini to carry on for her. She is exactly what I want in a sow, hopefully Chic keeps growing in that direction.

Last pic of all the boys together. Now we are down to 4.
Wooly Bears everywhere!

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