Friday, September 9, 2016

Stud muffins.

The boys in the bachelor pad are getting big. We are working on another pen where the boys and goats to go in together and do some clearing for us. They will be so grass, blackberry bushes and fallen apples to their hearts content. Soon guys, soon.

Good looking boys.
Am I the only one who thinks these guys are handsome LOL?
Silly pig. studly. He should be going home by the end of the month.

Honcho...this little guy I just couldn't sell. He is a cutie!

We have 3 barrows still available to meat homes. Jason isn't sweating selling them...he wouldn't mind putting them in our freezer if they end up not selling LOL. I'm still not so sure about the slaughtering and butchering ourselves part, but we will see.

Nap time.

Boss Man is the last boarling we have for sale. He is a great looking boy, will make a nice boar. Our official Pleasant Dreams Farm website is up and running can go there for strictly animal sales stuff. I will try to still keep the Farm Sales page on this blog up to date too.

Our loan little Olive Egger chick is still up and kicking, trailing momma everywhere.
Cute little puff ball.

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