Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Shameless.

Adult only get togethers really are the best LOL. Our friend Nick took the gang out on his families yacht for a little birthday thing. We had a blast. My first time on a boat of this calibur, what a thing of beauty! Even if I was scared for my life...not really a water person. Started off with some yummy mimosa's.
Getting ready to set sail...hmmm do you say that if it is not a sail boat?  This is the mid level captains, dining room and living room are also on this level. Plus a little outdoor hang out spot. Below are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
The upper deck has a second captains area, a little covered living room type area, and a big observation type deck. Birthday boy Nick was our very qualified captain today.
Getting underway. It was a little dreary at 10 am...but it burned off a bit.

Jason and Tom out on the bow.

The girls down in one of the bedrooms. Love this group of ladies!
All the guys took a short turn LOL.
Jason searched all over for Miller High Life just for today Hahaha!

Good Life...yes, it is!

Big smiles!

 are on a yacht, with 2 full bathrooms on board, but please boys pee off the back. This is where the "Shameless" part comes in Hahaha!

It was supposed to be nice today, we were all going to bring swim suits and sun bathe here...oh well, I had to try it out anyway.

Cards Against Humanity and adult beverages...good laughs!
Old stories...Tom, Nick and Jason have been friends since Kindergarten, Barry joined in High School. That's a lot of stories. Especially when you consider they all shared a couple different bachelor pads together. Who the heck would rent a house to this bunch of hooligans? LOL.

Time flies when you are on yacht time. Too soon it was time to head back. Thanks for such a fun day guys!
Birthday silly!

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