Thursday, September 22, 2016

Before Fall.

Yucky weather gave us a short break today. I am so not ready for winter, summer was not long enough. We are trying to finish up projects when we get the chance...need more nice days.

 Today was lovely, spent a little time with my goaty goats today. Kitsune and the girls have a love hate relationship LOL.

Silly head butting going on...the girls were feeling frisky, breeding season is getting really close.
Taboo...the boss lady.

Heidi and Lulu are such big girls...they will be bred this winter too! I can't wait to see what udders their genes blessed them with. Still hoping with maturity they may make nice little show does.
Lulu is such a little cutie.

Chunky Heidi, going to town on the hay...while Taboo and Yahtzee argue over it LOL.
We got some more work done on the horse run in. Then I got distracted by this little alien.

Siding! Getting close.
Tank is heading to his new home on Tuesday. He is such a good boy, I hope he has bright days ahead of him.
Boss Man is now spoken for too. He should be leaving next weekend!
Still have 3 meat piglets available.
Momma turkey and her 3 remaining poults. Getting big!

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