Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brave little toaster.

Two yucky numbing sticks of impostor strawberry shortcake, 1 ouchy shot of novocain, a quick but scary yank with pliers and 1 gross tooth is out. Quick run to Target for a prize because Jericho was super brave. Then home for some pain meds and more antibiotics. Poor kid promises to never fake brushing again.

I think he did about as well as any 5 year old could that was awake, no laughing gas even. They warned me it may not go down, and we would have to go somewhere that can knock kids out. Thankfully they not only got it done, but I don't think they ruined Dentists for him in the process...big plus.
Another big plus, it was a baby tooth so hopefully no lasting damage.
We go back for a recheck in 2 1/2 weeks. Fingers crossed.

We had some bleeding and pain for a while, but he trucked like a champ.

He got to pick out one toy...and some popsicles. I'm feeling guilty OK.

Jericho was pretty chill for the rest of the day. The bigs went on a little after dinner grasshopper hunt though.

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