Saturday, September 10, 2016

The family that works together.

Kitsune has her BH, the first test you have to pass to move up the the IPO sport world, coming up in a couple weeks. I planned to enter her, then changed my mind, then decided to go for it after all. So of course her training is not quite where I would have liked it to be, fingers crossed we squeak by pretty please LOL.
My ring is back! Two weeks feeling nekkid without it, while it was cleaned and the stones tightened. I love my ring!

Jason finished the feed was near done for a long time, just kind of on the back burner. It was raining yesterday, you have never seen a flock of angrier chickens lined up at a door in your life Hahaha! They used to take refuge in there during little showers...and beg for food and rip open any feed bags we dared not put away properly.
Most of us...minus two little freeloaders who will go unnamed *Cough cough Lily and Jericho* got a lot done for the new goat/pig relief pen today. Right behind Kitsune and the truck is a big patch of blackberry and an apple is totally overgrown and not usable right now. Hopefully the goats and piglets can fix that right quick.
Jericho and Lily are great at playing, and eating snacks, while the rest of us worked. They made a path through the blackberry bushes and apple tree. If you look pretty much at the center of this pic...and bit lower than dead center, you can see Jericho hidden in there.

The girls original goat pen. We still need to flesh it out with more fun enrichment toys and stuff.
They do enjoy the two bath tubs that we found hidden in the blackberry...I want to add on to them with some pallets or something. Look at Miss Chunky Heidi, they have grown so big, she is pushing 40 lbs already.

Lovely girl.
Heidi and Yahtzee.
Lulu cutie pie!
Just love these friendly girls. See all the work, stress and expense of "bottle babies" is so not necessary to make wonderful friendly pet goats. Hayden picked some leaves off the apple tree in their pen, they love apple tree leaves. I hope we can save the tree...they have done a bit of damage...we need to get it wrapped in wire.
Got the posts will run down the drive to the barn and back around up the drive by the goat pen now. It should be pretty good sized.
This kid...such a boy. He was all about helping all day. Little stud muffin.
Clearing some space for the hot wire.
My pallet gate.
A little popsicle least Lily and Jericho can be the snack runners.
Three strands up, gate hung. We were going to stop here and call it done. Then upon the test the goats just ran right through it. So we lowered the strands...but now have decided to add better fencing. Probably pallets...something to just give a little more deterrent.

Getting the electricity pulled over. Thank goodness hubby know what he is doing LOL.

Though if he really knew what he is doing he would buy a tester and save himself the zap...even if this is my favorite part.
The piggies are doing well. Wild Style has totally bounced back...her body condition is excellent. UniPiggie got taken down a bit farther by her litter, only 2 extra piglets in her litter but she is a smaller sow to begin with. She is starting to put it back on, I'm sure by winter she will be looking just fine.

That face!
Raven is getting bigger...Jason thinks she has gotten cuter too, I still think she is ugly, in an adorable way LOL.
President Business could take off a few, he really enjoyed that we were trying to feed the two momma's up a bit.

Something captured Daryl out in the pasture and ate him. I'm guessing hawk...the chickens have learned to stay in the trees, the turkey's are not quite as careful. Our momma turkey has 3 fluff balls left...this second clutch has not gone quite as well.
Scooter got his feet trimmed today.
He is looking good.
The kiddos roasted their dog dinner, then had a campout night...probably the last of the year. The weather is starting to turn.

I'm going to miss you summer...hurry back.

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