Saturday, November 26, 2016

A nice November day.

Got in a good ride today before the rain started. I'm doing my best to ride once or twice a week, horse ownership is finally getting fun! Scooter is still a bit stubborn, but we are both really improving. Good to see you Taboo.

Jericho got to ride him back to the pasture.

Working in the barn...means playing in the barn of course.

Ready for another Lily funny?
It is dinner time. The boys are of course acting crazy at the table. 
Jason looks over at Lily and says "boys". 
Lily looks at Jason and says "animals" then she picks up her glass, sticks out her pinky finger and takes a drink. LOL

Too cute. The tooth fairy was MIA last night (oops) so Hayden added a note and drawing tonight LOL.

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