Sunday, November 6, 2016

Farm strong!

It was a nice morning for a ride. I haven't ridden Scooter enough, I need to work on that...otherwise what is the point of having a horse.

He can be stubborn...needs to be worked more often, but it was a nice ride.

We got started on the pallet fence for the new goat pen. These dang things are crazy heavy, Jason and I are going to be so sore tomorrow. This chick did most of the moving pallets around while Jason screwed them muscles got a good workout. About half done with 50 pallet in place.

Lily said she wants to be a member of her Auntie Stacies band for next Halloween LOL.

I am really considering giving this idea a try this year. Hopefully the kids won't take it too hard LOL.A friend also goes this route...but she has a couple tweaks that also sound good for our family. We would add a "big/most requested" item from Santa. Santa would bring the one thing they ask him for and stockings. Plus letting the kids make or buy for each other and Mom and Dad.

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