Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fingers crossed!

Today was Kitsune's appointment for her OFA xrays on her hips and elbows.
Someone didn't want to cooperate so she was given a sedative. Vet is expecting the results will come back good on her hips and elbows...fingers crossed they do!

Her X rays look pretty good.

She was a little chill for the rest of the day...ah so nice Hahaha.
While I was waiting in the room for her, I noticed an animal age chart on the wall. It seems OJ...and the late Sunny, are in their geriatric years at 14. I didn't know that was so old for cats...OJ has lost a little weight lately, poor old man age is catching up to him. We all love that cat so much, it is going to be a very sad day when he leaves us.
The cold has come...probably snow soon. Warm cocoa, a warm fire....hate going out to feed all the critters in this weather but it is nice to come inside to a warm house.
Last night Jericho wasn't feeling so great...Kitsune just chilled with her little buddy.

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