Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Lily and Xander had another round at the Dentist today...they both were super brave and did great. I'm glad I decided to do the "4 things" for Christmas this year...cuz half our budget is going to the dentist ugh.

Not quite done yet, at least a couple more appointments coming...never again will my kids slack on their flossing, or check ups.

Heidi and Lulu hiding out from the rain...wusses.

Our 3 turkey poults are 3 months old...still not sure if they are boys or girls yet though.

Checking out what's over the fence LOL.

Taboo pretty much never stands still for me. I want to give everyone a shave this spring, get some better photos.
Pretty fall day today, with some rain breaks. Winter is inching closer.

The kiddos school held a fundraiser last night...McTeacher night.

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