Sunday, November 13, 2016

Herd reduction.

We love our pigs...they are a great addition to the homestead. We are doing a herd reduction though...always hard to say goodbye. Check out the farm sales page, or our official farm website , if you are in the market.

Once we confirm that Wildstyle and Uni-piggie are pregnant President Business will be moving on to a new farm. Uni-Piggie will head to a new farm after her next litter too.
The two gilts we held back this year are looking super, they turned out just like I was hoping they would. They are for sale too.

Uni-Piggie still such a sweet girl, loves her belly rubs.

This handsome little boarling is still looking for his own herd as well. Get your piggies here!!!

We will be bringing in some new additions once we get some of our current stock sold.

A little funny tonight...
Can't make this stuff up....
Me...for the 5th time: Jericho go get on some pajama's.
Jericho: Why?
Lily: Don't worry Mom, I've got this, he will listen to me.
Lily: Bro I will give you a turn on the 3DS after I'm done if you go get PJs.
Jericho: OK.

Lily: See Mom, there is a difference between saying words and speaking words.
Me: Blink Blink.

I don't know WTF just happened, but Jericho is in PJs so all is well LOL.

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