Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bossy Lily.

Hayden came in this morning to beg Lily to play school...Lily and I were snuggling. Lily said no...even after Hayden offered up the teacher position. When Hayden made the mistake of saying "I will do anything you want" Lily got an evil twinkle in her eye.
Lily drives a hard bargain...she demanded a foot massage first. LOL.
A short while after they started playing school Lily came out to the living room and started watching TV. I asked her how school was going, she said she made her class sit at their desks quietly for an hour while she napped. Then said she was going to load them up on everywhere watch out for Bossy Lily.

Lily is not just bossy during games...she also takes control of the TV 99% of the time. Xander is starting to rebel against her G shows and movies...thank goodness someone is. So we have started letting him try out more "grown up" TV. He is a huge fan of Sci-Fi and AMC LOL. We have to keep a watchful eye in his choices but we are giving him some far no nightmares for anyone Hahaha.
Today the kids watched Cujo for the first time. Everyone jumped when Kitsune barked at nothing LOL!

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