Saturday, December 3, 2016

No snow yet.

Farrier visit for Scooter today. Followed by a misty morning ride, and pony shenanigans. We don't have any snow yet, but it is a wet muddy mess and becoming too dangerous to do anything on Scooter but walk....boring LOL. I need to find a near by indoor arena to keep up the fun.

Hello cow.

It's nice when he can carry his own makes me sneeze like crazy.

The trio had a little project due for school. They designed their own gingerbread cookies.
Xan did a Gingie-Pirate.
Hayden picked a Gingie-Santa.
Lily of course did a Ginga-Girl.
Percy has been back in action the last couple of days...the kids love his hiding spots.
This morning however...he hid a little too well for them LOL. It took an hour...and some hints for them to find Percy today.
Hint...he was smelling the flowers. Jason and I laughed so much...if he was a snake he would have bit them a hundred times.

I played ice cream lady again on Friday...most popular person at school LOL!

Ah Jericho...such a cutie. If I told you Jason bought the 4 kids advent calendars yesterday, and 1 is totally gone today...would you be able to guess which kid ate his whole month of chocolate in one day???LOL

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