Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oh My Sweet Fluffy Kitten Goodness!

The kids got their early Christmas present today. This sweet little girl is just the best. She is so fluffy and adorable...but even better than that, she is so friendly and chill. The munchkins were super excited and just love her. They decided to name our new addition Willow. We are on season two of Buffy the Vampire forwarding through some of the smooching LOL. One of everyone's fave characters is Willow...and since this cute little calico tabby has some red/orange fur the name just fit.

It is so easy to see the people who raised Willow's litter gave them so much more attention. She is a total love.

This is one loved kitty! The little cream colored boy went to his new home today, without the kids ever seeing him. The orange and white boy is still here...and was pretty lonely without his brother. We brought him out for some love and attention only after FIRMLY telling all the kids that he is NOT our cat and that we are looking for a home for him.
They promptly named him Oz...his chances of being rehomed just went way down LOL. On a good note, without his more skittish brother here he is kind of coming around.

She is so gorgeous!

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