Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow Day!

So much snowy fun today. I hope it clears out soon though....isn't spring like almost here already?? 

Lily Bug made this little snowman
Mismatch gloves, that is just how we roll.

While Lily was busy making her snowman, Xan and Hayden had a little snowboarding lesson.
A personal ski lift sure comes in handy.

Xander didn't listen well...he is going to have to crash through.

He kept trying.

And falling LOL.
Such a handsome young man!

Hayden is a good student...and a very sporty kid. She took to it really well.

That doesn't mean there was no falling however LOL.
Look at that smile!
The fun continued inside. Poor kittens...the fun of kitten dress up has been discovered. Oz and Willow are being excellent sports LOL.

After all that fun they were ready for a long nap!

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