Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hogs and wee bitty kitties.

How many people does it take to load a 200lb hog into a horse trailer, and then into a different trailer....while trying not to catch the other pigs? 4, it takes 4 well positioned people...and an hour easy. Thanks Nick and Lisa for helping went WAY better than I had envisioned LOL.

President Business made it up the ramp, a couple times, but we finally got him.

Had to slowly herd the others out.

Then got him to transfer into the smaller trailer.

Ready to roll!
President Business made it safe and sound to his new farm! Good journey big guy!

Shh these two boys are a surprise...that I seriously doubt I will be able to sit on until Christmas.

Getting warm after their first bath. Gosh they are has been like 13 years since I have had a kitten.

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