Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Boys have cooties!

We did a little buck swap with my friend this morning. Since Taboo and Yahtzee are prego thanks to Hooch, he went to visit a few new girls at my friends, while one of her bucks Heartbreaker joined us for a few weeks. Heidi and Lulu are not fans yet. He thinks my two chubbies are cute...they think he has cooties LOL.

He is so handsome...we are so excited for these babies, plan to keep a doeling or two.

The look of love Hahaha!
Yahtzee and Taboo looking over to say Hi!
Boys on hold for an attempt at Gingerbread house theft.

The 2nd grade class got to make these today. Last day of school until after the new year. They are super, a bit less LOL.

Between Jericho and Willow I'm surprised any gifts are gonna make it to Christmas.

Sleepy Willow snuggles. She is almost 9 weeks old...still a tiny little thing.

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