Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December is bipolar.

Snow, nice, snow, nice...I hope this means we are going to have a short winter.
It snowed like crazy for a day or two after Christmas, but today was beautiful.
I love getting out and hanging with the critters instead of just tossing their feed and running back to shelter.

Yahtzee and Taboo are starting to look prego. They have about 2 months to go.
Wonder how big they are going to get this time...twins again, more? Can't wait for the end of February to get here!
Taboo at the drive thru window LOL....where's breakfast is what I heard.
My younger ladies are now buddies with Heartbreaker...he should be here for a few more weeks, hoping for summer babies.

Three goats and a chicken.

The remaining 4 piglets are 6 months old! The two boys are getting quite big.
Honcho is still looking for a new farm and herd of his own.
He is a handsome fella.
Uni-Piggie is prego and getting bigger. I think we will be lucky if she hangs in there another 3-4 weeks. I was hoping the litter wouldn't be born until spring...but I don't think I have that long.

Little Miss Queen Bee...still looking for her new farm. She is so hairy and cute.

Miss Chic is getting bigger too, hopefully she will be heading to a new farm soon also.

The three turkey poults are almost as big as their momma now. I think it is 2 girls and a boy....The kids want to name the boy Albuquerque Turkey Hahaha.

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