Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Very festive!

I think these two are super cute...however I don't think they like me all that much right now LOL.
Willow really likes Kitsune...Kitsune is just so-so about her right now.

Just the cutest little thing!

That may not be a look of love Hahaha!

It starts. Thank goodness it is almost time to take this temptation down.

Oz doesn't love Kitsune, but he has totally warmed up to everyone else.

Kitten jail, with after market zip ties that took an hour to add...and the tiny critters can still squeeze through. Ugh. Thankfully litter box training is going very well...since Willow is a needy baby and keeps escaping.

Going to have happy pigs....the hubby who has to unload, not so much LOL.

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