Sunday, November 22, 2009

Attempt 2 went better.

So yesterday Hayden was in meltdown mode the whole time we were trying to get our pictures taken. It's really unlike her, she is usually Miss Personality and flirty as all get out...unless she is not getting her way, which she wasn't because I wasn't allowing her to get into everything in the studio. The photographer was nice enough to come to our house this morning to do the second hour, and Hayden was a dream! However Lily was being a pill...LOL I don't think I will ever win. I think between the two sessions we got some good stuff of everyone, can't wait to get the pics back next week!
We had some friends come over for lunch today and the trio were so funny, our friends kids had light up shoes and the babies could not believe their eyes. They kept bringing some of their own lame, non light up shoes to offer as trade, they were disappointed that they were not taken up on their numerous offers :)
Then this evening we had company for dinner, and the trio were racing back and forth happily screaming...they were quite entertaining. Even better news looks like we may be getting started on converting our garage into a third bedroom sooner that we thought. When we bought this house the garage door was removed, the space was carpeted and they were using it as a bedroom, but to be an actual bedroom it needs some remodeling work. We hope to have it started very soon! When it's done we will move in that new room, the trio will move to our bigger room, and the smaller 3rd bedroom that they are in now would be free for guests or a new addition :)

Sorry no camera is such junk I am almost tired of fighting with it, but I will try to get some tomorrow maybe.

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