Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hayden has a softer side...

Sweet moments are fleeting around here right now, the trio are more into biting, pushing and toy stealing, so when something sweet happens it makes me smile. The girls broke into the kitchen again today, and they made a mad dash for their little dress shoes. I grabbed them and replaced the gate, but I let them play with the shoes. Hayden had one in each hand and Lily had just one, I don't know what is so fun about shoes but they love them. Anyway, Xander saw what the girls had and walked right over to Lily and jacked her shoe. Lily stood there crying for a few seconds when all of a sudden Hayden walked over to her and gave Lily one of the shoes she had. It was so darn cute...and nice to see that Hayden is not always a bully :)

Xander has been fighting a little cold since Wednesday, Hayden and Lily came down with it Thursday and I got it yesterday. It doesn't seem to be a bad one, they have low grade fevers (highest has been 101) runny noses, and a little coughing and sneezing. Today they are starting to make a turn towards getting over it...thank goodness!

Lily has started saying up when she wants to be picked up and sit with us on the couch...her little voice is so cute LOL. She also has this new thing with crossing her fingers for luck.

Good luck Lily!

My sick boy fell and busted his lip.

Poor sick Hayden, she has started running from me when she sees tissue coming, her poor little nose LOL

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