Monday, November 23, 2009

Just another day in the life...

Today was a full day of screaming, laughing, fighting, falling, feeding, cleaning, and a wonderful ahhh moment at bed time :) I busted my POS camera out and managed to take a bunch of pics without smashing it to the floor. Some of our dayAdd Image today...
Xander snatched my phone off the couch.

Be quiet sisters, I am on the phone
I don't think he liked what he heard, he did the following then tossed the phone into their make shift toy box.
Lily wanted to use the phone next LOL
Next we discovered that babies are just as fun as cats with a red dot in a dark room. My POS camera has a red light that shines just before the picture takes and the babies were chasing that light all over the funny.

Jason went to the store for a couple things and when he got back our monkey boy was very interested in what he brought back.
Here is Jason signing and telling the trio her got them cereal LOL
Xan having fun with Daddy's hat...he was even putting it on my head :) A couple min after these pics Hayden stole the hat and ran from Xander, they did laps around the room, she kept looking back to see if he was gaining on her.
Xander and The Bug had a lot of play time together today
Hayden kept running up and kissing her Dad...half the time she actually kept her mouth closed LOL

Lily faking Dad out
Some of the trio playing
Jason is not very good at keeping a gift for a certain day. He has been bugging me for weeks to give the babies one of their Christmas gifts since we bought it. My will has been strong and I kept saying no. Now for the last 2 days he has been bugging me to let him give me one of mine. Here is a pic he took today while he was trying to get me to go for I look like I am about to cave? because I am LOL

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