Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I caved...

So I caved and let Jason give me a Christmas present. He is right, I am happy I did, he got me the Sony Cyber Shot camera! My old POS camera has been not working well for a few months now and it's been getting worse, I didn't know how I was going to get pics of Thanksgiving and Christmas fun. So be prepared for lots of pics as I play with it and try it out!

Xander woke up today with a runny nose and feeling pretty crappy...I hope it's just a tiny little cold, and gone before it even gets started. I hate when they are sick :( Lily has been a little cranky recently, she is getting more teeth, all 4 canines...poor Bug. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending tomorrow with my brothers and nephews! The trio should love the food...they will get to just eat and eat and eat...Xan will love that I am sure :)

Some pics from the new camera....I think the pictures are better than what my old camera produced, what do you think?
My poor sick boy
They are getting so great at bringing us dust bunnies for the trash. Here is Hayden running to give me some dirt :)
Poor Lily...those teeth are hurtin
She looks much happier here, even if she is almost always so serious looking LOL
One of Hayden's favorite spots in the house...with her good buddy G

Even though he doesn't feel well Xan was still having fun with the critters today.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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