Saturday, November 7, 2009

Problem solving...and they are not even 16 months old yet.

The last couple of days the trio have been really using their noggins. Yesterday Xander was trying to reach the remote at the very back of the couch cushion, the babies can't get themselves on and off the couch yet, it was just out of his reach though so he moved away. Next thing I know he is back with one of his long toys, he took the toy and was trying to use it to dislodge and bring the remote within his reach...he was almost successful so I had to move the remote farther away. Then this evening he dropped his sippy over the baby gate, Jason and I watched as he tested to see if either of his arms could reach through the gate and grab the sippy. When that failed he sat at the gate the scooted himself so that his legs went under the gate while he held on with his hands, he then tried to grasp the cup between his legs and bring the sippy toward the gate. He never quite got it but we were totally amazed at his thought process. It's getting so fun to see what they will learn or do next...exciting times :)
It's also getting very messy, I had to take a couple pics of my trashed living room...sometimes I miss the baby jail LOL
Also some pics of the trio enjoying their corn on the cob with dinner tonight. By far their favorite veggie, there is not a speck of corn left when they are done LOL

Dinner time
They LOVE their corn!
Bug is so cute....she tries so hard to chew with her mouth closed. While this is a huge pet peeve for me, we have not even started addressing chewing with their mouths closed yet so I don't know where she learned it from. Maybe the other 2 will pick up on it too....especially Xander, he chews like a damn cow LOL


Shannon @ S and G Photography said...

Hey there!

I picked an old post with no comments to comment on cuz it would be unlikely anyone would see it! I saw your post on BBC & am so in the same boat. Check out my WhiteHouse3 blog to see what I mean {just in case anyone sees this :-)} We have boy/girl 20 month twins & soooo love it. They are my constant entertainment.

Anyway sharing similar experiences at this crazy time helps me to get through it.


TripMomma said...

You are sneaky...and good, thanks :) Off to find your blog!