Thursday, November 19, 2009

I feel like every time I turn around I am feeding kids.

It is totally exhausting, and makes me wonder why I ever complained about bottles LOL Not just the physical labor of carrying three 30 pound toddlers to and from their highchairs 3 times a day, but the mental challenge of trying to not feed them the same things over and over. This whole meal/menu planning is much harder than you might think...or that I ever thought it would be. I am not one that likes to cook or be in the kitchen, so it's even harder for me to not do hot dogs or PB&J all the time...they only get each once, maybe twice a week and I feel pretty good about that. I am lucky that they will eat just about anything (they even love all veggies)...hence the 30 pound 16 month old part :) Lily is the more picky and slower eater out of the bunch, and I find she needs a little ketchup for her to really get into most meats, she really is a mini me isn't she hehehe. On days when Jason is working a 16 hour shift ( he has worked 4 of these in the last 2 weeks) I am on my own for all meals and just feel like I am racking my brain to keep giving them a variety but also nothing too involved cooking wise. And the milk, goodness they are going through a half GALLON a DAY!!!

OK enough about food...some other updates. The girls have added a few more signs, they can now sign friend and kiss, they can sorta sign help and are working on play. Xander is coming up with one or two but he is just not as interested as his sisters, he is too busy doing studly boy things :) Hayden is kissing everything, her siblings, the dogs, the couch...everything, it is so cute! They have also started offering toys to each other, they will go so far as to chase someone down and thrust a toy at them. Though they will turn around shortly after and hit or bite each other, as if to let us know it's not all sweet all the time hahaha.

Not too many pics over the last couple of days...just been too busy herding babies. Here are a couple from today.

After nap little sunshines :)

Lily Bug was late to rise awww

Hayden and Lily grubbing down, I would have taken a pic of Xan too but his food was already gone, he is a bottomless pit!

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