Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I think we have a southpaw.

The trio all do things here and there with both hands but more and more Hayden is using her left hand. Now she eats, throws, and picks things up predominately with her left had...she has even started playing kick ball and usually kicks with her left foot. Hayden has started giving her brother and sister kisses now, sometimes she even closes her mouth first LOL
We are starting to get a little cleaning help, they don't do a great job and half way through they start taking things back out instead of putting them away but it's a start :) Bug is really cute she will find some dirt, and put it on her pointer finger...sometimes it's only pretend dirt, she will walk to us pointing and gives us the dirt. We say 'thank you Lily thank you' and she turns right around to go get more dirt to bring to us hahaha.
They are getting pretty good at body parts, the girls especially have eyes, and nose down...they all know belly button. Yesterday Xander was looking at his belly button, Hayden came over to help him inspect his, then she lifted up her shirt to look at her own.
Some of the trio's Christmas presents have started arriving...I am having a heck of a time keeping Jason out of them, he wants to give them all to the babies now.

The trio got some new outfits from Grandma...
Xan our Goal line hero :)
Hayden and Lily...flower children.
Trying to get into some Christmas presents.

Our future soccer star

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