Friday, February 25, 2011

Easy street is almost over boo.

We say goodbye to Nanny Tabitha in 4 days, the kids are going to miss her so am I. We are trying to work it out so maybe she can still come for a few hours once a week. It would make the trio really happy to still see her, she really has been a lot of fun for them.

The bunch of us (4 kids, Jason, me, Grandma and Tabitha) hit up Playdate PDX again today. Going on a weekday morning was soooo much better than a weekend afternoon. The place was still busy but nothing like the last time. Everyone had 2 hours of fun and then headed home for a nice long nap. By the time we left the trio were too exhausted to climb through the play area anymore LOL.
Getting ready to go!
Hayden has graduated to her new shoes...7 1/2's! that Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber got for her.

The first place they went when we got there was the ball shooting spot.

Xander did a lot better with the other kids today, though he did get into one fight. Jason saw it and got to them as fast as he could but Xander didn't start it, though he did end it LOL.
He loved the little light up dance did Lily.

Hayden was all about the slide again. She would go down and then climb right back up to go down again. Always the green slide too, I don't know why but it's her fave.
You can see Lily in the pink to the left of the slide...that was the climb up to the top of the slide.
Hayden, Grandma and Lily went down together. The slides are way too fast for kids that don't know what they are doing. Xander and Lily bit it a couple times, and so did a lot of other kids.
After going down hard a couple times the only way Xan and Lily would go down was in someone's lap.

Lots of games and climbing going on!

We were all wore and Jericho were ready for a nap too :)

On another topic...the Disney vault is opening to let Bambi out for a bit. I love most Disney movies but am torn on this one. When I was a kid, and about to see Bambi for the very first time I got in trouble. I don't remember what I did that got me in hot water, it was a good 24 or 25 years ago, but I do remember my mom gave me the option of going to bed and not watching Bambi with my sister and friends or getting a spanking and being allowed to watch the movie....yeah her parenting skills were not up to par in many areas. I thought I would be smart and wear extra underwear and put a book or two down my pants, so I took the spanking. Little did I know that this spanking would be a bare butt leave you in tears kind of spanking...bummer. You can imagine my great disappointment when after taking a tearful ass whooping to see the dang movie sweet Bambi's mother gets blasted leaving him an orphan and I cried again, may not need to be said but I am not in to hunting unless it's really life or death. To this day I think I got the short end of the stick on that deal. So, long remember when story short, I am torn on if I should buy Bambi for my kids. Hmmmm.

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Angela said...

Love the pic of you and Jericho! So adorable! Looks like he is smiling! I am torn about Bambi as well. I don't want to have to fast forward everytime it's on.