Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More craft fun!

Tabitha brought some stuff over to do a fun mask craft today. We all had a good time...and didn't make too much of a mess LOL. Best use for a feather boa and glue yet Hahaha!
Getting started.
It was a bit of a free for all...they even moved on to making a new mess before getting the masks done.
The results.
Modeling our masks :)

Hayden didn't feel like wearing hers...Xan and Lily loved theirs.
Lady Gaga I am not but I made one too hehehe.

Jericho was looking so cute tonight I had to take a couple pics. Then I found one of Jason's baby picstures, he does look like his Daddy :)

Jason was a bit older than 6 1/2 weeks here but I can really see a resemblance.

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