Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just another day in paradise.

Nothing big to report from today, just hung out at home...but that doesn't mean my cute kids failed in any way to entertain us. From getting super messy at meals today, to Hayden calling out my "boo boo's" every time I fed Jericho, despite me reminding her they are 'boobies' LOL, then we had Lily Bug who it seems was here to serve Hayden all day today. All day long Lily was following Hayden around trying to get things for her, she would say "make Hayden happy" Miss Hayden was eating it up of course. Got some fun pics...

Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, yummy and messy.

Lily showing how she is going to hug Daddy after he sees her shirt :)
Lil man chilling.

His protector.
Some sillyness after a messy dinner. Hayden just about got stuck like this, but decided to go with it and started waving at us.
Miss Bug was grumpy after bath time....then I started taking her picture.
'Oh you have a camera'
'How is my hair'
'OK I am ready for my close up' little drama girl.

All 4 munchkins lined up on the couch. Yes, the girls got dressed first and since they had animals on Xander wanted some too...but he doesn't own any. The girls were nice enough to share :)

It is really impossible to get all 4 to cooperate, I would settle for 3 or even 2 but that didn't really happen either.

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