Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lily, the Cadbury Bunny doesn't work for free!

We were supposed to get family pictures taken today, but our photog let us know this morning that a pukey bug had hit her family, poor things. We thanked her for the heads up, whew that is the last thing we need, and made plans to reschedule. We decided to do a little shopping, the whole fam went this time and the trio got their first taste of the race car carts...big hit! As we were checking out Jason and I hear Lily say "Mmmm yummy chocolate." The little turd had stolen a Cadbury egg, opened it and was demolishing it...without sharing with Hayden who was sitting right next to her. That .50 is going on her tab :)

Rubbin is racin'...these things are a bitch to steer LOL.

Jericho and I have made it 6 weeks breast feeding. I didn't think it would be going this well, we even made it through being apart for my hospital stay after getting my appendix out. He is getting so big and strong, he can fit some 3-6mo clothes even...can't wait for his 2 month check up, I want to know what his stats are right now.
Awww :)
He is growing like a weed seriously just look at this...1 week old vs 6 weeks.

He is so loved...his brother and sisters can't get enough.

Xander even tries to hush him in the car.


RaeSchuft said...

Lily needs to learn to be more discrete... lol...
Way to go with the breast feeding!

Shawn Thimas said...

I just thought you should know that when you Google Image Cadbury Bunny the picture of Lily breast-feeding shows up on the first page. ... Kind of threw me off there for a bit.

TripMomma said...

That is funny, thanks for the heads up :)