Sunday, February 27, 2011

My girls wanna try out*

If American Idol is still around in 12 years :)
I am still having trouble getting videos on here so just click the link and check it out that's only a min or so long, but it's pretty funny.

Today felt like a long day, Tabitha was out sick so I flew solo while Jason was out. I survived, but it sure made my fears of really missing Tabitha's help founded.

Xander was in rare form today...OK not so rare. He took a header off the fort, wouldn't stop climbing on and touching stuff he isn't supposed to and even worse he got his poor innocent sisters involved too. Yeah, I know, the girls were right in the thick of it all on their own. Add in Jericho who is still not on any sort of schedule and seems to want to eat at the worst possible times. Give me strength so I can do this on my own every day...for the rest of my life LOL.
The kids had fun at they are having a tea party, then they did a little "heave ho" of the swing, they actually kept saying that over and over LOL.

Xander needed cuddles after his header.
Should an 8 weekers legs almost dangle out of a swing??? That is a 3-6mo outfit, he is so big!


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