Friday, February 18, 2011

A fun day out!

The nanny and I took the kids to an extra Little Gym class this morning, we have a number of make ups to do. It went well, and the kids seemed to be a little bit more show offy (yeah not so sure that is a word LOL) than usual, they wanted to impress Tabitha I'm sure :)

After class we decided to hit up a pizza joint that has an awesome indoor play area. I had never been there before but we will for sure be back, thanks to Tabitha for cluing me in on this place. The kids had so much fun playing on everything. They really wore themselves out today...and took a 3 hour long nap to recover LOL.
Hi up there Xander!
Everyone loved the horsey ride...
but none more than Lily Bug...she didn't want to stop LOL.
Ready for some grub.
Jericho hoped he was getting some pizza too :)
Outfit change after peeing all over himself and everything near him during a diaper change. It was seriously like that diaper commercial where the dad is trying to change the little boy and every time he moves the diaper it's like a hose is going off. After it was all over he had this look of 'what the heck just happened' LOL.
I was ready for a nap too...crazy kids and their crazy endless energy.

Jericho slept for crap last night so I am hitting the sack early tonight....peace :)

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