Friday, March 11, 2011

Computer death and mohawks.

It's been radio silence on the blog for the last few days because my computer is trying to die on me. I have been busting my butt trying to get important stuff off it and finished up just in case it goes tits up before I am able to get a new one and transfer things.
It's been a slow week actually, so y'all didn't miss much :) We did decided to have the trio's 3rd birthday party at The Little Gym this's going to be so fun, and our first time throwing a 'less fuss' party for them. Now to pick the party theme for this bash...suggestions are welcome!

We did have a fun and busy day today. We did a Little Gym make up class this morning then went and got the kids hair cut. Lily and Xander did AWESOME...Lily just got a trim, but Xander went short and spikey!!! Hayden, oh my dear Hayden, she did not do well. She wouldn't have any of it, after trying everything to make her chill we settled for a bang trim in Daddy's lap.

They all had fun playing before their cuts. Hayden in her loaner shorts from the Little Gym. We had a diaper malfunction which lead to a wardrobe change only we had no extra pants so they were nice enough to give us some shorts. We really need to keep a change of clothes for everyone in the car.

Xander getting his buzz, look at all that hair.

Was your head with you all day today...oh my.

Lily loved the princess car...she was so still.

She loves mirrors, I think she watched in the mirror more than she watched her Dora movie.

Hayden the freak out.

Jericho was sitting on the floor next to Hayden's chair...he didn't care for her attitude either LOL.

Xander looks cute, but so different and so much older.

Poor's her own fault.

Some play time from this morning!

Grandma brought over some new coloring books yesterday. The kids have started dedicating their colorings to people now. Usually Grandma, but a couple to Daddy too.


Cyndi said...

I love Xan's hair!!!!! I don't think it makes him older, it's just different is all. And sorry about Miss Hayden's freak out, that's how G was the ONE time I took him to get his hair cut by someone other than me or my mom.

TripMomma said...

Thanks Cyndi!