Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I was waiting for this

I figured it was a matter of time...Lily is the first to fall in line with "the breast is best" LOL she started breast feeding her baby doll today. So cute!
We busted out Xander's new shoes that Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber bought for him a year ago...he is now in 8 1/2's!

We had a Little Gym class tonight.
Lily refused to believethat this shirt is too small for her LOL.

Baby boy having some fun at the gym too.

What a change in just 10 weeks.

He was making silly faces.

A pic of him this morning. He decided to pee on my leg, right through his diaper and clothes just after this pic of him looking like a little Angel was taken. He is talking and cooing a lot now, we even have some high pitch squeals and little laughs going on. I think we are heading into another growth spurt though...he has been cranky and just filling up like crazy at night for the last couple of days. I have heard the 3 month growth spurt can be hard...I just hope he isn't starting it already, I still have 2 weeks!


Megan said...

8 1/2 shoe size! Mine are still in size 5/6 and 6/7! As for Jericho...better to get the 3 month growth spurt done sooner than later, right? He is getting so big...its all a blur to me now, so enjoy it, he will be 1 before you know it!

TripMomma said...

Yeah Xan's feet are huge, Hayden is in 7 1/2's, her feet are big too. Lily has much smaller feet and is still in the 6/7 range. True on the growth spurt, the sooner it's hear means the sooner it's over...hopefully LOL. It is going really fast I can't believe he is 10 weeks old already!