Monday, March 28, 2011

Where to start

Should I start with the poop retention saga, or how about a first visit to the dentist, or better yet the drama that comes with thumb sucking cessation? Lets just go in order shall we... On the poo saga I have nothing good to report. Lily didn't enjoy 2 1/2 days of applesauce and jello, plus mega doses of Miralax and a 3rd also did nothing to get the big blockage out. She was back into the Pedi today, they did another exam and can still feel what's holding up the works, and it's big. He said it could probably clog a toilet it's so big...owie my poor baby. They told us to do an enema every day for the next 3 days along with ducolax suppositories, plus the double dose miralax then we will go back in for a recheck. He doesn't like the going in to break it up option because it is so high up. He said we could go on like this for 10-14 days before we would have to get more invasive...grr it's already been a good 2 weeks. She is getting lots of sludge stuff around the blockage so I guess they are not too worried about letting it go on. We have been doing around the clock diaper changes so we got her horrible rash cleared up. I hate waiting but I guess that's where we are right now, at least they cleared her to go back to eating normally. It's no fun to have a hungry 2 1/2 year old who doesn't understand why you won't feed them :( On top of that you have your other 2 1/2 year olds not only sneaking her food but making you look like a jerk in the process since you won't feed their sister and they will. I was cleaning up toys while they were finishing lunch and heard Lily say "I want some," a little bit later I hear the same thing again. I look into the kitchen and see Hayden putting some of her food into Lily's hand, then again. When Hayden ran out of food she held her hand out to Xander who gave her two bits of what he had left, Hayden kept one for herself and passed the other to Lily. It made my heart happy to see them being so sweet to each other...even if Lily wasn't supposed to be having that. They aren't always sweet though, the girls have gotten into the habit of throwing others under the bus...and it's usually poor Xander. When we go to do anything for them, change their diapers, get them dressed, put them to bed...etc., all we hear is "no, Xander first" LMAO. Poor Xander just stares at them in total disbelief of their blatant mutiny. Next fun thing on the day's to do list...take the trio to their first dentist appointment. The office was really cool, they had lots of great toys, a huge tank full of turtles and another one with a lizard in it. The Nurses and Dentist were really nice and very slow with the kids. We actually didn't even get to the regular dentist chair today. We were shown into a small room with a giant bean bag chair and a bunch of stuft animals, they also had The Lion King playing on a TV in there. The Dentist came in talked to each kid, showed them a mirror and light and went over that she was going to count their teeth. One by one they sat in my lap then laid their head in the Dentists lap and got their teeth looked over. They each cried but only Hayden flipped out, we figured it would be her LOL. They were sent home with new tooth brushes and cute little rubber duckies that were their prizes for being so good. No one had any cavities but they all have their front teeth starting to buck out from thumb sucking, so we were given 'Mavala Stop' to paint on their thumbs. Which brings us to the drama that comes with thumb sucking cessation. We put the stuff on around 8:45 tonight, they don't suck their thumbs all that often except when they go to bed, so they had no idea what we were setting them up for. Bed time came and they got changed and put in their cribs...after kissing everyone in the house. This has become a new thing, the girls especially have to kiss me, Jason, Jericho, Xander and each other before every nap and bed's sweet. Anyway they get into bed, get under their covers and are happy as Jason starts to read their bed time story...Cat In The Hat, the same bed time story we have been reading them for the last 6 months, goodness please can they fall in love with a new book now?! All of a sudden they all start crying and bitching about their thumbs being yucky. We do feel bad but the Dentist said if we can break it before they turn three the damage that has been done will more than likely correct itself...after three and you are looking at braces or something to fix things. Xander actually threw up his dinner, it's always fun to tear down and remake a bed at bed time. I think it was a mixture of the thumb crap and that he has been feeling sick the last two days. He had a 103 temp both last night and tonight...poor boy, I hope whatever it is it comes and goes quickly without getting everyone in the house sick. What a day...I am beat! So cute and chipper this morning. The Dentist office. Here lizard, lizard, lizard. Checking out the turtles. We are thinking of maybe doing this with our tank. All our fish died again...maybe turtles will be the trick. Yeeee Hawww! Take me to your leader. The room where we got to meet the Dentist. Their goodies...they love these ducks. Goodnight kisses for everyone.

Awww even when things are rough life is good!!!!


Lil'G's Mommy said...

My daugther has ppop problems to. The only thing that has ever worked for her. Is Juicy juice 100% juice, along with tree top apple blends juice. Like the apple fruit punch. They are 100% juice and after a cup or 2 of that shes going again. Along with once in awhile strawberries, and grapes. Winco is the cheapest for the juice.

Genvieve is 4 1/2 and has had poop problems for some time. The juice is the only thing that has worked. We have done the miralax and never worked for her. I feel so sorry for you and your daughter having to deal with this. Not fun at all.


Christine said...

1) Poor Lily. I can't imagine going that long without a BM. I hope for some relief for her soon, and that it isn't too painful when it finally comes out. Your story reminds me of an episode of South Park. I for the most part hate that show, but my husband loves it. At any rate, there was one where they had a world record size BM. The whole thing was quite humorous.

2) Sounds like they did GREAT at the dentist. I can't imagine how scary a dentist must be to a little kid. Sounds like you found a good place for them.

3) I love how loving your kids are. Audrey is the same way. Have to give everyone loves before bed, even Annie.

4) I love looking at the photos of the kids. It's amazing to me to see how different siblings can be. The girls' hair especially ... how fun that it's so different for them and they are the same age and everything. Neat. :)

Megan said...

After reading your post...I feel LUCKY to only have a "minor" poo problem with one of mine! I feel for ya, I can only imagine how it would go if I told one of the girls she could not eat anything but jello or applesauce. WOW! I don't know how you are staying sane, especially having the baby too. As for the thumb sucking, I will get better! When we gave the paci's to the birds, they cried themselves to sleep for probably 3 nights and did NOT take naps for 3 weeks straight. We also had to change sheets a few times at bedtime because of tantrums and puking. Now, after about a month, they think nothing of it! It's in the past! Good Luck!

TripMomma said...

Thanks for the support you guys!

Oh and sorry it's all one huge gob of writting. I tried to get paragrahs broken off but for some reason blogger keeps jamming it all together when I publish the post...hmmm.