Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jericho's 2 month appointment!

Taking 4 kids to the Doctors went better than expected. Jericho did great, he weighs 13.3 lbs and is 23 1/2" long, his head is 38.9. Height and weight he is in the 75th %, his head in 25th %. Not too shabby, much bigger than the trio at 2 months...they were only 7 and 8lbs LOL. My big kids had to get a shot today, Hayden freaked out but Xander and Lily didn't cry at all. No shots for Jericho, he will be on a delayed schedule like the triplets were.

Our mirror pics continue :) We have got some great ones with the trio, now it's Jericho's turn.
Doing a little shopping.
Jericho wearing a 3mo shirt that used to be Xander's.
Here is Xander in 4 months old. Can you tell they are brothers??? LOL!

Back at home Xander was not playing nice with others. Lily was being the brave sister, even though she acts scared of him at times. Xander has bit her a time or two recently so she has taken to almost cowering when he comes at her and says "don't bite me"...poor baby. But today I hear from down the hall "Xander don't hit Hayden," I go see what's going on and Lily is hugging Hayden close sort of protecting her from Xander. I asked Hayden if she was OK and she sat up nodded at me then huddled back down in Lily's lap and Lily hugged her close again. It was so sweet. I had to explain to Xander that he needs to be nicer so they want to be his friends...poor boy is just a bit rough for them.
A couple other fun pics.


Melinda said...

I love reading your post and they have provided me with lots of great ideas to do with my kids. So when someone asked me to do this I truly thought of you. Thought I would pass this link along just in case it would be something you would enjoy. Just really seems like it would be right up your ally. Hope you don't mind me passing this along.

TripMomma said...

Very cool...thanks for thinking of us, looks like there is a lot of fun stuff to try!