Sunday, March 20, 2011

You know you're cool when

You have the house that kids don't want to leave LOL. My friend Dina came over for dinner last night and brought her 'Irish triplets.' My trio had so much fun playing with soon to be 4 year old Natalia, 5 year old Jordan and 6 year old Tristan. It got a little loud but it was 4 hours of fun, the Vodka cran's did help...they are also why I am posting tonight instead of last night, this light weight was ready for bed after 4 well poured drinks LOL.

6 kids plus a baby sure make quite a mess. We planned to take a pic of all the mess but Dina's kids work cheap...offer a little cookie dough and the place was picked right up.

Tristan and Jordan...such handsome boys, my girls have been bethroed.

Lily and Natalia are future BFF's, they are both princess girly girls and Tinkerbell freaks. Natalia is also a former preemie. I had no idea I would be in Dina's shoes one day when I went to the hospital and held a brand new 3 lb Talia. She was born at 32 weeks 1 day, my trio were born at 31 weeks 2 days about 8 months later. She is such a pretty peanut!

Jericho slept through most of the fun, even with a noise level that should require ear plugs LOL.

Dina's big boys were giving my kids some very bad ideas. I already told Dina if Xander breaks an arm doing something Tristan or Jordan showed him she'll be getting a phone call :)

Everyone ready for some grub.

After dinner my kids got initiated...the basket of death...don't ask, I am just thankful we don't have any stairs.

Ah some quiet...Tinkerbell movie to the rescue! That is a full house, and couch :)

Talia was nice enough to share her Tinkerbell necklace with Lily...Lily has been asking for it all day hahaha.
Such a cute pic of Lily Bug than Dina snapped.
Hugs before going home awww. It's too bad we don't have a spare room or they might all have gotten to spend the night when they asked.

Dina, do you see what you started...we had to do more basket of death tonight.

Pulling the three of them around about killed Jason.

Hayden and Xander just went on without him, sweet Lily stopped to render aid.

Time to retire the basket of death, that is a heavy load...a good 105 lbs.

Little monkey slept through all the fun again.

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