Friday, March 25, 2011

The saga continues

We took Lily back to the Doctor's today, the plan now is to do 4 cap fulls of miralax in 20oz of juice per day and no food other than jello, for up to two days. If by Sun. or Mon. she has not passed it then we will head into the hospital. She is getting a lot of sludge and liquid out so she is feeling a bit better but the solid ball that is blocking the works is still there. I hope this works, and I hope she isn't too upset about not being able to eat, though she isn't really too into food right now anyway. I vow we will never slack on the miralax again, I feel so bad for poor Bug. She is just the sweetest little thing and I hate seeing her in pain. I have been waking her in the middle of the night to change her an extra time, with all the miralax she has a lot of liquid coming out and her poor tush is just tore up. So we try to change her often and lather her in butt cream. Lily now asks for "butt cream in my butt" LOL.
Even in pain Lily thinks of others, the Doctor's give out a sticker at the end of every visit...the last two times she went Lily brought back a sticker for Hayden and Xander too :) When Lily got home from her Doctor visit today Hayden and Xander gave her cards they had made for her with Tabitha's help. Lily opened them and looked them over then hugged them and said "Oh how beautiful." God I love my kids!

We had some friends over for dinner tonight, they have an almost 7 year old boy, his name is Zander, and an 8 year old daughter. The kids played played the 'Just Dance Kids' Wii game for a good hour and a half...the adults even got in on it a bit. I think they are all going to sleep well tonight.

Lily at the Doc's. I love how they have each room a different theme, Lily had never seen their Mickey room, she couldn't believe her little eyes.

Hayden showing off the princess sticker Lily picked out for her.

Lily really loved her cards :)

Jericho was ever so handsome...and

Lots of smiles and laughs adorable!

Some dance fun, the trio don't quite get it but they try.

While the big kids were working up a serious sweat dancing, mine were cleaning house LOL.

This is going to sound totally crazy, I mean he is not even rolling over yet, but he is trying to walk. When you hold his arms he supports his weight for a min or two and with help actually tries to take steps forward. I am not the only one who he did this with, he did it with Tabitha and she came to tell me about it...I told her he had done it with me earlier too.

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