Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun with Uncle Skunk

Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber came over to hang out and have dinner today. The trio have been asking for Uncle "Skunk" and "Annie" Amber for weeks now, so they were sooo excited. Poor Lily, who is usually the life of the party, is having poop issues again so she was a bit of the party pooper... harharhar. We took a walk to the park, spent about an hour before heading's still a tad chilly to be hanging outside too long. Scott got a good workout today, the zooming and wooshing started right away. He got a break when we broke out some flash cards and the trio showed off how much they know LOL.

Fun at the park!

Look at this kid...not even 3 months old yet, wearing a 6 month outfit and chilling in an umbrella stroller.

Xander loved pushing Jericho around...did a pretty good job too.

Trying to get a pic with malfunction.
B-ball time!

Xan caught a ball...but forgot to use his hands :(

Flash cards...Uncle Scott was impressed with how much the kids know, little show offs.

After the trio went to bed the adults blasted some attacking animals in some hunting Wii game. We are not a hunting family, I actually don't agree with it unless that is your main food source, but it's a different story when stuff is attacking you LOL.

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