Friday, August 23, 2013

Get those moles checked out.

Here is a little reminder to get those moles and other spots on your skin checked out by a Dermatologist. Skin cancer is deadly, but caught early can be taken care of with a quick mole removal. Please take care...get checked!

Xander went in today for just such a check. He has a little mole/growth on the top of his shoulder. It has been growing and it does bother him so his Pedi sent us to a Derm. to get it looked at.
Dad took the other 3 to Lily's swim class while Xan and I went to the Doctors. It is always so fun having a little 1 on 1 time...even if it is just going to the Doctor.
He was not too sure about the table, until one of the Doctors made it lots of giving him the remote to move it up and down.

Then he was like hop on babe lets go for a ride LOL.

Later Mom, I got a date :)

Let's roll out. They went up and down, and up and down over and over...for a good 5 minutes. So cute!

So it seems what Xander has is a Spitz Nevus mole...also called a skin tumor. They are a more uncommon mole, most often benign. However, they may resemble malignant melanomas clinically and microscopically, so they usually recommend removal. So Xander will be going in for a little procedure this fall sometime. Doc said we should plan on 3-4 hours...from walk in to walk out. He will be sedated (both gas and IV) but will not be intubated....which makes me feel a lot better. The mole is not expected to be cancerous, but they will send it off for testing to make sure. He will need a few stitches and about 4 weeks of trying to keep him from busting it back open...we shall see how that part goes with a wild 5 year old boy LOL. I know it is silly to worry, something so small and not really in the dangerous category...but I'm a Mom, that's what I do. Just thinking of him being knocked out sends my mind right back to the NICU...and I always tell people I am totally over all the trauma of their early birth, guess I'm not 100% huh.

It was a cool view.

When we got home we walked in on cheerleading practice. I think Miss Lily has some real cheer potential, even though that was so not ever my thing LOL.

Hayden is getting braver, she actually got pretty high up before dropping back into the couch.

Then we headed out back to burn off some energy. This is exactly why we are waiting until Fall to get Xander in for mole removal. Once the rain gets back it should be a bit easier to keep him quite for 4 weeks.
On their "water slide"...they have such great imaginations and kid guided play. LOVE it!

Silly bunch!

The three amigos :)

When I saw this pic it made me think of one of their baby photos...I had to go find it.

Even though Hayden and Lily are switched around it is so close it's pretty funny. Baby pic by A. Buma

Jericho...nekkid as usual. I sure hope this kid doesn't freeze this winter LOL.

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