Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just a bit nutty.

Hayden is so excited, she finally has her first loose tooth...two of them actually. Ever since Lily lost 2 Hayden has been in an all fire hurry to catch up.

One is super loose actually, Jason tried to help get it out...but even though the adult tooth is already through just behind the baby tooth it will probably take another day or two.

Hazelnuts are falling like crazy all around us. Our neighbor has 4 trees in his back yard, there are another 3 or so on our walk to Lily's swim class. I guess long before houses were built here this whole area used to be a nut farm. The ratties love them, so we went on a collection mission tonight in our neighbors yard. You should have seen the kids go crazy finding all the nuts, they are going to totally rock the Easter Egg hunt next year LOL!
We all tried some too, Lily loves them...I think they tasted pretty um, "earthy" which was the term Jason used when he said they tasted like actual dirt was perfect. We have never tried Nutella in this house, but now I am curious...they must put a lot of chocolate in that stuff to make these nuts taste good, and that is a win for me :)

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