Monday, August 12, 2013

Swimming school.

Today was Lily's first swimming lesson...or "swimming school" as she calls it, and she did FANTASTIC. She has known about the classes for a week or two now, this morning she woke up and told Jason she "got lots of good sleep so I can do a good job in swimming school." She was so excited, Hayden was so not. Miss "maybe when I'm 8" is having a real problem with Lily doing something this big without her, yet when given the choice to take the class she insisted she is too scared and can't. Xander feels the same way, but at least he had the decency to not try talking Lily out of going...or try talking Jason and I out of taking Lily, until she too is 8 LMAO! I think when these 9 classes are over we will have Lily retake class one and force, if we have to, Xan and Haddie to take it with her. I really think they need a little nudge out of their own way and they will do totally fine.

Lily was super excited and didn't fuss or cry the entire time!

This is the high school swim center that is a 5 min walk from our house, I used to go to this high school when I was a kid...crazy living here again. They had 5 different classes going on, 3 for kids, 1 for babies and 1 for water they had a couple lifeguards standing on deck just in case. The kids classes seemed to have a 5 to 1 ratio, which worked pretty well. 
We got to watch from up above, the kids enjoyed watching Lily. Hayden pissed and moaned most of the time about wanting to be in the class but being too scared.

Lily did everything the teacher asked, except for putting her whole face to her forehead under the water. Not too bad for her first class ever! She wasn't too sure about not wearing her puddle jumper though LOL, we had to explain to her that here and here only she doesn't wear it...but everywhere else near water she does.

Blowing bubbles.
Ready to go!
It is so funny how she won't let us do any of this teaching type stuff with her at Grandma's pool, puddle jumper on no less, but here with a perfect stranger in a big busy pool she was the star pupil.

Look at her go!

High fives!
She loved the board swimming.
She even did the back floating with no problems.

Go Bug!
What is girl flirting with the lifeguard, WHAT?! Hahaha she was telling him her jokes, she is such a light. She made a new little friend in her class, the girl next to her is Sarah and it seems they were quite chatty when it wasn't their turn :)

My little swimmer...she can't wait for her next class!

After swimming we took everyone to the park to play for a bit. You could tell Lily was still on her swimming school accomplishment high, she was doing all the climbing and jumping and running that is usually left to Jericho and Xander LOL.

Jericho has a new little was so cute, they stuck together and followed each other from thing to thing the whole time.

Such a fun day!

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