Thursday, August 1, 2013

True Oregonians.

My kids are true Oregonians. Hot sunny 80+ degree days we can't get them to go outside without bribes, especially the girls...I think they might actually be allergic to the sunshine with the way they resist. Cool overcast 65 degrees and they have been outside playing all day.

The girls wanted to do a little homework, and then some coloring before bed...oh I hope this pro homework fog never lifts. They ask to do homework every is so nice LOL.

The girls have very different artistic flares Hehehe, but apparently they each have a little sister I am not aware of. The girls drawing extra siblings and Xander asking for be "Jericho's little brother and sister" he said, wonder if I should be worried :)
I had to sneak this picture, Haddie doesn't like anyone to see until it is totally done. She is so thorough this could take until I'm old.

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