Tuesday, August 13, 2013

These things can jump!

Miss boat feet, A.K.A Hayden, has been complaining about her shoes already, we just bought the darn things in May. We have been putting her off for a couple weeks now because they felt, from the outside, like she still had room. Well over the last 2 days she has decided to flat out refuse to put them on. Jason told her he would take just her and they could go to the shoe store together. At coloring time today she made this, without any help or inspiration from me at all. When she showed it to me I was pretty impressed...I knew exactly what it was, but she told me anyway. This is a picture of her and her Dad shoe shopping, that tall thing is a rack full of shoes. Not too shabby, she was so excited to go! They had a fun and brought back shoes for all the kids, Xan and Haddie are now in size 13, Lily Bug got 11 1/2's and Jericho got 8's.

The new table and benches are almost done, got the 3rd coat of stain on today.

Tiggers are not the only things with bottoms made out of springs. When I clean their cage I put the rattie boys in the hall, with all the doors closed. Then I block off the entry way and let them have some free range time. Well I am going to have to find something taller to block the entry with. I had no idea these little suckers could jump so high LOL.

Remy, Star, Bumblebee and Hiccup are finally starting to grow. I hope they will be in their McMansion in the next month or so.

Look at Bumblebee...he just jumped up there from the floor, now Hiccup is thinking about it.

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