Saturday, August 24, 2013


I hate killing things, even a nasty giant spider that is in my house....if Jason is home I make him do a catch and release mission. Today, with a little sadness, we cut down the big pine tree that was in the front yard. It blocked the corner making it hard to see the kids if they were near the road as people were driving into the cul-de-sac, it dropped needles was just too big for that area. We plan to replant something that will fit the space better than a giant pine tree.

Jason had a lot of help, first step cut off all the lower branches.

The trio helped get the branches into the trailer.

It was a pretty big one, sorry tree :(

As Jason got deeper in there we started to run into a lot of bugs and spiders...including 2 MASSIVE spiders the size of silver dollars. 

I got a photo of one of the big ones, it is hard to see just how big they were in this pic, but they were huge. You can see him in the lower center...with almost a bee pattern on his body, wonder what kind it is.
Getting there.

First load ready to haul away.

Next Jason broke out the saw and dropped the tree...with the kids, watching from a safe distance, yelling TIMBERRR Hahaha.
Next the rest of the limbs had to come off.

Once the limbs were off Jason cut the tree up into log size. Ended up being 2 loads. Looking good. We still need to deal with the stump eventually, but for now it is much better.

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