Saturday, August 10, 2013

Table for 6...again soon.

Since we moved into the new house we have had our old dining table set up in the little corner dining area that we have as best as we can. As it is it only lets the 4 kids sit at the table, while Jason and I sit on the couch a few feet away. We are so ready to get back to eating at the table together. Our very good friend Larry, of previous feats of awesome that gave us all the updates in our old house, the girls homemade bunk beds and all the remodeling help he gave us on this house, was going to build us a corner nook bench seat and table that fits in the dining area, but he just hasn't had the time to get to it. Craigslist to the rescue...I was just looking around and came across this set for $50! It fits perfectly in the space, and while it is not the design we were going to have Larry do for us it is the same general idea. Plus for $50 if we hate it we can still have Larry make the other one, but will be a whole lot more comfortable until it is done.

First thing we hit it with a bottle of liquid sander. I want it to blend into the corner and match the color of the kitchen cabinets. Java Gel stain don't fail me now.

The liquid sander didn't do quite as good a job as actual sanding...but hopefully it was good enough.

First coat of stain on. It has only been a few months since we stained the kitchen, but I already forgot just how shitty the first coat looks LOL.

Hopefully the 2nd and 3rd coats look a lot better.

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