Saturday, April 19, 2014

A failed hunt.

My kids learned just what retail therapy is today. After getting them all dressed, and excited, for an Easter egg hunt at a local grocery store this morning, we pull up to see on this crappy rainy and windy day the store is holding the hunt outside in the parking lot. Ain't nobody got time for that kind of crazy! So with 4 upset kids in the car what do you do? Drive to a store and let them each pick out a little toy, that's what.  I really wish they would have said on their flyer that they were doing it outside...would have saved me the trouble of going, and spending $30 LOL.

The girls picked out pom poms...oh boy. If this ends up being a real interest they DID NOT get it from me Hahaha.

They sure love them though.

Cutie pies!

Notice Lily's newest missing tooth...number 6 fell out a couple days ago, then Jericho promptly lost the tooth. The Tooth Fairy will be bringing Lily her dollar when Hayden's next tooth falls out, because Lily plans to write her a note explaining what happened. Which should be soon, Haddie has 3 super loose right now.

Such pretty young ladies...kind, smart, helpful and funny too ;)

They were doing the "Give me a _____" cheer, lots of funny things they were asking for LOL.

Jericho got a new Spider-Man, Xan was bummed...he picked a water balloon sling shot, which I warned him he wouldn't be able to use for a while...but it will be tons of fun this summer!
Time to dye some eggs...2 dozen take forever. They came out OK...we didn't have vinegar so we had to just use water with the dye the colors kind of sucked.

The kids had fun anyway!

My fave trick is still the tissue paper one...they come out the best! They were of course better the last time we did it, with vinegar.

Auntie Tia dropped by on the sly today...the kids didn't see her. It seems the Bunny dropped baskets off at her house for the kids, and me :), too. Thanks Auntie...I love everything, and so will the munchkins!

I'm expecting an early wake up call of screams about the Easter Bunny! The kiddos are going to be so excited.

Spy the new copy of Frozen? Yeah, they literally watched their first copy from Auntie Allie so much that it stopped working properly LOL.

The girls will be very happy to see the "Momma bunnies" for their baby bunnies, they actually went to bed tonight saying they hope the Easter Bunny remembers to bring them :) I ADORE Lily's purple bunny...I need one for myself LOL. Their love of stuffed animals they DID get from me :)

Off to bed...hope they at least sleep until 7.

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