Friday, April 11, 2014

Squirrels in my pants.

Busy morning today! I got some of the succulents transferred to a log we hollowed out.

Thanks for the help Jason and Jericho!

I think this makes a cute little planter. This may have been something I saw on Pinterest ;)

After I got mine pulled out, a lady came by to take some...have someone else coming this weekend too. I hope I can find good homes for all of it.

Hayden was being very helpful this morning with flower ideas. She thinks we need some tulips like the neighbors. I agree, I always think tulips are boring...until I see them looking gorgeous in someone else's yard LOL.

Our tomato plants showed up today, need to figure out if we are going to plant them or topsy turvy them.

The old man out enjoying the day.

The neighbor kids are all out playing so much more now...spring is in the air!

When my neighbor cut down that huge tree 5 days ago they found out there was a bird nest, and a squirrel's nest in the tree. Sadly the eggs were broken, and the squirrel parents ran and never came back. We have been seeing 3 baby squirrels sticking to the area where the tree was. At first they seemed to be doing OK, they are little but they had their eyes open, fully furred and seemed to be looking for food. Then today we saw one and it was letting people and the neighborhood cats get way too close for comfort, just seemed a little lost. I know nothing about squirrels, so I got the number of a vet tech who also does squirrel rescue with a friend. I explained what happened and told her the baby was calling this loud sad little call, the cats were coming around like crazy and the little thing just seemed a bit too young to be on its own. I thought it was maybe 8-9 weeks old. She asked me to try and catch it and got in her car to come help.

The baby ran a little, but wasn't all that hard to catch.

When I finally got her...and got a little warning nip for my troubles LOL, I couldn't believe how tiny she was. She started out really sweet and didn't mind being picked up, but when I wouldn't let her go she got pissed Hehehe. The baby was really skinny, I could feel every bone in her little body...poor thing probably hasn't eaten in 5 days. The rescue lady said the baby is only about 5-6 weeks old, still needs lots of milk, and most likely wouldn't have made it on her own another day. They warmed her up, gave her sub q fluids and some formula. They have to go really slow with feeding her, and she isn't out of the woods yet...going so long without food can cause damage, but they are doing all they can. I saw a second baby but couldn't catch that one yet. I am keeping my eyes open for the other baby, but I haven't seen him in a couple days sadly.

One of my kids, and mine too actually, favorite episodes of Phineas and Ferb is the one with the 'Squirrels in my pants' funny. Squirrel in my shirt is a close second :)

We first tried to put her in a box, but she kept almost escaping...and I knew if she got away we wouldn't be able to get her again.

So Jason found my old screen type enclosure, back when we had lizards we would let them out in the sunshine in this, she liked this a bit more....but she was still a pissy thing. No gratitude for saving a life sometimes LOL. Cute little turd though, isn't she?

Haddie was SO upset that we couldn't keep this cute baby, she was literally bawling. After explaining that we can't take care of her, but that the people coming to get her would give us lots of updates and photos she calmed down a little. She didn't love the idea, but she did ask to name her before she left. We had been calling her a him, until the rescue lady came and told us she wasn't a boy, so at first Haddie picked Alvin, of course...chipmunk or squirrel it doesn't matter to her LOL. When we found out that this cutie is a little girl squirrel Haddie decided to name her Brittany instead...her fave of the chipettes.

She would have been put down at an official rescue place, she is considered an invasive species of squirrel, so thankfully she went to a place that will care for her and then release her somewhere safe.

We already got our first update photo of baby Brittany...she looks warm and full...and very cozy.

It was another beautiful 65 degree day full of sunshine! We spent all day outside. Once we came in from playing out front we headed to the back yard. Which was a disaster, the following convo ensued LOL.

Me: Let's clean up the back yard guys, your toys are everywhere...why is this place so messy?

Lily: That's how fun is mom.
You heard it here is messy. LOL.

Another little tid bit of awesome news I got the entire X-Files series on DVD + the movie for $89! Thank you Amazon. Loved that show!!!

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Wendy said...

The baby squirrel is so stinking cute!!! Also, I've been rewatching X-Files on Netflix watch it now <3